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Microsoft Knowledge and Expertise


Office 365 Setup and Deployment

Getting a domain (your and tenant with Microsoft setup, including email accounts, security, passwords, multi-factor authentication, old email accounts migrated, choosing a plan, installing desktop software, setting up OneDrive and more. 

Document Management

Document Management design consulting, as well as deployment and assistance for utilization of SharePoint Online as a Document Management System platform. We are a proud supporter and partner of Epona USA.

Collaboration and Sharing

Setting up sharing documents externally, or collaborating on documents internally. Teams and Groups setup, including OneDrive sharing and One Note Notebook setup and deployment.

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Desktop software installation, setup, optimization and training.  With so many capabilities and needs, we can help you become more productive in your office applications use with training and setup.

Desktop Setup and Rebuilds

Get more life out of an older computer and let us rebuild it for you.  Ready to replace the old and tired computer? Let us spec it out, and then build it right for you.  When it arrives at your office, you will be able to connect to the network and get to work.

Support – Fast and Cost Effective

Your assistant is good, but they can use help too.  Productivity is gained when your assistant can pick up the phone, share a screen and get the help they need, and get back to business, instead of stumbling with a computer problem.


 There is a lot to know in Office 365.  You might be a spreadsheet wiz, but setting up Encrypted Email is not your area of expertise.  We can train you on how to use Office365, so in the areas that you prefer know-how over support, we can assist.

Websites and Mobile Devices

Websites are the Yellow Pages of the 21st Century.  You need one.  We can build them quickly and cost effectively.  iPhones and Android Devices are everywhere, and you need to be able to access your work product from them.  We can help you with that too.